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Buyers Guide

Searching for an Item?
Type the product you are looking for in this box.
How to add an item to your cart?
After searching for the item you want click add to cart.
The screen will then drop down and you will see the items you have in your cart
you can then click check out and see the quantity of the items in blue. 
How to Checkout? Part 1
If you have finished adding Items to your order you can check out
by clicking on the cart or number on the top of your screen

How to Checkout? Part 2
After clicking on your cart you will once again have a drop down screen.
Make sure everything in your cart is correct and click check out.

How to Checkout? Part 3
Once you have clicked checkout you will be forwarded to this screen.
You will enter the your information under customer information. you can also click 
save my information in order to speed up the process for your next order.
The right side will show the order total without tax and shipping.

How to Checkout? Part 4
Once you have filled out your information and continued you will
be brought to this screen. Here you can choose your shipping method and 
see the total cost of your order with tax and shipping. Also, you can verify your 
address and enter your credit card information.

How to Checkout? Part 5
On the bottom of the screen in Part 4 you have the oppurtunity to separate 
the shipping address and billing address. You can also sign up for our newsletters
and receive news on great deals that Kalamala is having.