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The Ultimate Fruit Snack: Lavashak (Iranian Fruit Roll)

Pre-dating the millions of name brand and off-brand fruit snacks—like Fruit-By-the-Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups—lavashak—a popular Iranian Food and sweet treat, sticky to the touch and decadent in taste—are thinly sliced pieces of fruit-juicy deliciousness and the originator behind this global snacking trend.


With a smooth fruity taste layered and spread into rectangular sheets of perfection, the lavashak's berry-flavored tones—both tart and sweet—embody this simple 

yet delicious delicacy. And the fact that it’s low in fat and high in vitamins also adds to lavashak’s appeal. But as a common nutritional treat—loved by children and children at heart—lavashak (aka: “fruit leather”) solves more than just the common sweet tooth.

In many Iranian villages today, townsfolk utilize lavashak’s tough, leather-like weight—and equally-leathery feel—to preserve and protect their fruit harvests and other crops during harsh Iranian winters. And some villagers even cultivate their homemade soups and sauces from the semi-sour-yet-flavorful Iranian Food for a unique ingredient addition. Though it’s hard to tell who, where, and why this Iranian Food  was invented, many people—and recipes from antiquated cookbooks—believe that lavashak was first introduced in the Middle East several centuries ago. And some recipes in older Armenian cookbooks even suggest that the earliest flavor of “fruit leather” was apricot as opposed to the traditional plum berry.

Many recipes for Iranian fruit rolls are commonly found in health stores and organic cooking websites online, but the ingredients can be found at any local grocer. All you needed is a variety of different fruits such as pomegranates, prunes, plums, sour plums, sour cherries, or whatever kind of fruit you want. You’ll also want to make sure you have a pan ready to grease and some cheese cloth. After those few steps, all you need is some sunlight.


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